Visible Escapement Four Glass Clock (France, c. 1900)

A substantial French four glass clock dating to the early 20th Century. A good sized clock, having a traditional four glass brass case, with bevel edge glass. The clock has a two piece enamel dial, a cast bezel, moon hands and a central visible jewelled Brocot escapement that swings with the beat of the pendulum. It has a 14 day movement with a compensating mercury filled pendulum, strikes the hours and halves on a gong and was made by Samuel Marti of Paris and bears his medal of 1900.

Current Condition
The movement has been fully serviced and is guaranteed for 12 months. The case has been cleaned and lacquered so that it will not tarnish. There is a slight chipping to the rear glass door at the base (see images). If you would like a video clip of this clock ticking and striking please email us.

22.00cm wide   40.00cm high   17.00cm deep (8.66 inches wide  15.75 inches high  6.69 inches deep)

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