Oak Drop Dial Wall Clock (England, c. 1860)


A solid oak cased drop dial wall clock, dating to the mid 19th Century. It has a shaped oak outer bezel, a pegged case drop box with carved sidepieces and a pendulum window that shows the swinginging pendulum. The sides and convex base have hinging doors. The 12 inch diameter dial is signed by the maker Evans & Son of Handsworth. It has an 8 day fusee movement with A shaped plates and a wood rod pendulum with an invar cylindrical bob.

Current Condition
The case and dial are in excellent original condition, the movement has been fully serviced and is guaranteed for 12 months.

41.00cm wide   57.00cm high   17.00cm deep (16.14 inches wide  22.44 inches high  6.69 inches deep)

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