Light Mahogany Fusee Dial Clock (England, c. 1890)

A light mahogany dial clock made in the late 19th Century. It has a turned outer rim, with a traditional pegged case with a side ab bottom door. The 12 inch dial has a brass bezel and is signed by the original retailers Benetfink of Cheapside. It has an 8 day fusee movement with stopwork to prevent overwinding. Benetfink were major retailers in London.

Current Condition
The case is in excellent original condition, the dial is also in good original unrestored condition. The movement has been serviced and is guaranteed for 12 months.

37.00cm wide   37.00cm high   14.00cm deep (14.57 inches wide  14.57 inches high  5.51 inches deep)
37.00cm diameter ( 14.57 inches in diameter)

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